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Israel and US Relations

Yonah on WABC New York Radio Israeli-Elections – March 17, 2015

Yonah on KABC Los Angeles Radio – US-Israel relations, Netanyahu Congress speech – March 5, 2015

Yonah on KABC Los Angeles Radio – Iran Nuclear Deal – April 3, 2015

 JPost News Nov 3 2014


“Netanyahu committed the original sin of intervening in American domestic politics and ruined relations with US,” says the Zionist Union knesset member. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is eroding Israel’s relations with the US, leading to the Jewish state’s diplomatic isolation, Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni said Tuesday. Read more…


US-Israel Intelligence Cooperation

NSA document leaked by Snowden highlights US, UK and Israeli intel efforts against Iran. “NSA has seen Iran further extending its influence across the Middle East over the last year,” the document warns, citing in particular Iran’s effort to launch cyber attacks. Read more…


Analysis: Why has Netanyahu been silent over NSA spying on Israel? While US spying on Israeli prime ministers is at the very least unseemly, making too big a public stink is likely not in the cards. Read more…


How are US citizens in Israel vulnerable to NSA espionage? Americans living abroad may be presumed to be foreign targets, documents leaked by Edward Snowden appear to show. Read more…